Everyone needs a hobby, but not everyone can afford one, especially those that are costly, such as golf, tennis, or ballroom dance. Furthermore, because of the Covid-19 breakout, we are forced to stay at home most of the time and are unable to engage in our favorite outside hobbies.

 Here’s a list of fun and inexpensive home activities you can do in your apartment. I hope these cheap and fun hobbies at home help you alleviate stress, overcome anxiety and sadness, and live a happy life.

Online hobbies 

Become a blogger

Writing is one of the most effective ways to have fun and chill out. Why don’t you start a WordPress blog to improve your writing skills? This is an excellent location to document your information, which helps to clarify the worries and ruminating thoughts that many individuals have. Best of all, writing does not necessitate a large sum of money. Begin by connecting your PC or laptop to the internet. Done! You’re all set to start blogging. 

 Cheap And Fun Hobbies At Home

Join a writing group or a forum to connect with other bloggers and get guidance from them. If you write a well-written blog and attract a specific number of visitors, it can be a reliable source of income as a side job.

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Listen to podcasts

Podcasts are a rich and diverse resource of information that can help you develop your skills and widen your horizons. There are podcasts for beginning internet businesses, parenting, saving money, making money, keeping up with current events, and many other topics. Do you want to unwind and relax after a long day of online meetings? Find comedic podcasts on pop culture, acting, and behind-the-scenes stories that are amusing to listen to. It’s accessible via your iPhone’s Podcast app, or on Spotify if you’re on Android.

Watch online documentaries 

Cheap And Fun Hobbies

Documentaries are another great way to learn and absorb a lot of information. It’s not an exaggeration to say documentaries make you the most intriguing person in the room. When you watch documentaries, you will be engaged in a wide range of topics such as crime, science stories, exotic creatures, and so on. Don’t know how to strike up a conversation with your coworkers? Allow documentaries to guide you. They’re all on Netflix and Youtube, so you can watch them whenever you want.

Build a youtube channel

Youtube is the most popular video-sharing network, with a large number of amusing and interesting videos. You might watch short clips about home repair, cooking, and DIY projects, as well as comedy, TedTalks, and other topics.

Building a YouTube channel is an excellent recommendation for cheap and fun hobbies at home if you enjoy sharing your knowledge and connecting with like-minded people.

Crafting hobbies


Playing with colors is a simple and enjoyable method to de-stress and entertain yourself, even if you’re not particularly talented. You may also use your lovely creations as wall art for your house or share them on social media.


Painting by numbers sets, which include a picture, numbered colors, and paintbrushes, are for people who do not have an innate talent for drawing their own painting picture. Some may consider them to be childish activities but trust us when we tell them that they can lead to addiction.


DIY activities include things like mending things around the house, redesigning old garments, and making homemade items. Buy some DIY books or watch 5-minute crafts videos on YouTube to get some ideas for simple DIY projects around the house. What’s better than learning a new set of crafting skills while improving your home and closet?


Sewing garments or home décor may be a very cost-effective hobby, especially if you get your fabric from garage sales or reuse old and damaged clothing. To assist you with sewing jobs, purchase a sewing machine at a secondhand market. Depending on your budget, start making your own unique cushions for your sofa and drapes for your home.

Exercising hobbies


Try yoga at home for a rewarding workout. Yoga studio subscriptions can be costly, but there are hundreds of free yoga tutorial videos available on YouTube. They are inexpensive but beneficial to your mind and soul. As a newbie, you should start with easy yoga for beginners.

Exercising hobbies


There are days, you may feel shattered, stressed, or depressed. Perhaps you need a quiet period to let go of all your problems and anxieties and to calm down your mind. Meditation is a mental solution that you can use in this situation. It allows you to peek into your own mind and appreciate life’s small pleasures. It’s much easier to start meditating now since there are so many inexpensive and free meditation applications available.

Home gardening 

Gardening is an affordable and enjoyable hobby that provides a sense of achievement and responsibility. The most pleasant feeling is watching your plants grow from nothing. Purchase a few cheap packets of seeds and incorporate organic veggies and fresh fruits into your home-cooked meals.

Home gardening

Wrap up 

Taking up a new hobby doesn’t need something expensive. You have a variety of choices for cheap and fun hobbies at home to develop new skills and reduce boring feelings in the social distancing time. Pick one suggestion above and share with us your achievements. 

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