The majority of women all over the world are drawn to strong guys with stubble and scruffy hair or who wear leather jackets. How to look tough like gentlemen? It necessitates a perfect blend of appearance and clothing that emphasizes a man’s masculine traits while still evoking curiosity in the opposite sex.

You can’t have a manly look only by wearing a skull ring or a cool jacket. Start with the basics and read this article to learn how to create an edgy style.

Beauty tips for a tough look

Keep the body in shape

A good body form helps you avoid conflict and unfavorable perceptions in the first place, therefore it contributes significantly to your edgy appearance.

Start with a few steps if you’re not used to working out. After school or work, go for a 30- or 40-minute jog. Then gradually increase your walking distance and attempt a short run. It’s also a good idea to go to the gym to burn calories and get lean. To improve your outcomes, hire a personal trainer.

How To Look Tough

Your body shape is influenced by what you eat. Eat more fruits and vegetables, avoid fatty foods, and limit your intake of fried foods.

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Take care of the skin

When it comes to how to look tough, having a glowy and clean face skin is crucial, as it can elevate your appearance. Scrub your face frequently to remove dead skin, pimples, and red spots from your nose and cheeks for smoother skin. To achieve the best results, use scrub products twice or three times per week. They should not be used excessively because they can have detrimental consequences.

Anti-aging products are recommended for males over the age of 25 to avoid wrinkles and age spots. There is a common misconception that beauty care products are solely used by women. There are a variety of goods created exclusively for men. As a result, pick one that is appropriate for your skin type.

Hair and Beard tips

Depending on your desire, guys can look tough with both short and long hairstyles. Whatever style you choose, don’t forget to look after your hair. Consider using a high-quality shampoo and conditioner if your hair is colored.

How To Look Tough

Shaving your beard is primarily dependent on your hairstyle. For example, if you have unkempt hair, shaving your beard will give you a more groomed appearance. Keep your beard if you have an undercut or a cool short haircut. It gives you a rougher look and adds more charm to your appeal.

How to look tough with fashion items?

Cool jacket designs

Wearing a cool jacket might help you achieve a more rough look. The prominence of jackets in the outfits of racers and hip hop fans demonstrates this fashion rule. Make that your jacket is made of high-quality materials. If you can’t afford it, look for one in a used market.

Bomber jackets, racer jackets, and leather jackets are some of the coats we recommend. They’ll help you look stylish and fashionable while remaining cool. If you’re a beginner, start with a black and brown jacket. For a more personal touch, have a tailer customize your jacket. 

Denim jackets are also a good choice. This type of jacket, regardless of style, appears ripped and edgy. 


Needless to say, jeans are extremely adaptable in terms of fashion. When learning how to look tough, they are a must-have. Put on a pair of blue jeans with worn-out stains to give your look a bit of a dirty and older feel. You may choose from a wide range of rough jeans to find your perfect fit. From an old pair of jeans, you may make worn-out jeans. Use sandpaper to tear it in the proper spots. For this refresh old item task, deep blue or brown jeans would work better. 

How To Look Tough

When purchasing jeans, go for tight jeans if you are into a swaggy look. For modern style, baggy is prioritized. 

Military items

Is there anything rougher than a soldier? Why don’t you dress in camouflage patterns and military-themed clothing?

For guys who want to appear tough, old army jackets and pants are usually smashed up and cheap.  A rebel rocker mood is created with an old army jacket adorned with patches and other embellishments.

Pay attention to footwear

Another item to think about is your footwear. Footwear has a surprising amount of power in bringing your ensemble together. Old and worn-out boots or sneakers can complete your ensemble for a rustic appeal. The less complicated, the better. Simple black and white sneakers are good choices. If you like boots, try on a pair of clunky boots or a pair of huge army boots.

Mix with accessories

You can’t miss playing on with a few accessories to kick up your toughness level. We’ve compiled a list of practical and basic accessories for tough guys, including: 

  • Swag earrings, necklace, and bracelet
  • Neck scarf
  • Patterned bandana scarf

Final thought

We hope that this guide on how to look tough for guys is useful for you. A tough look is associated with masculine charisma, so it has been occupied as a hot topic and never gone out of style in the fashion industry. Apply our tips to see how well they improve your look and appearance. One more thing we want to assure you is that don’t mistake tough guys with bad guys. Drinking alcohol, smoking a lot of cigarettes, and committing crimes don’t increase your toughness and masculine energy. 

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