Unlike other sports, there are no strict guidelines for selecting rock climbing clothes. You run in a running outfit, play basketball in a basketball uniform, and swim in swimwear. But what to wear for rock climbing?

Many companies claim their rock climbing attire as the finest in terms of quality and safety. But, sometimes they are not appropriate for indoor rock climbing. It’s critical to have the right climbing gear if you want to perform at your best. We have some advice for you in this post to assist you to learn some tips on what to wear to rock climbing. I hope you find it useful and practical.

Criteria to choose rock climbing outfits

Comfort, comfort, and comfort

Comfortable clothing should be prioritized whether you climb indoors or outside. Because this sport necessitates a considerable level of physical work, you can expect to sweat profusely, become damp, and chalky. As a result, wearing comfortable clothing will help you stay agile and perform at your best.

What To Wear For Rock Climbing
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If you’re a beginner, wearing gym clothes will be fine. 

Materials matter

Keep an eye out for the quality of the materials in your climbing gear. For rock climbing, you should wear clothing that is loose and doesn’t impede movement. It requires heel hooks, drop knees, and pants that stretch to allow for a complete range of motion when climbing.

Furthermore, breathable materials are essential. Sweat dripping down your back while making a huge move will ruin the excitement of climbing.

Lightweight and soft clothes

Not just in climbing, but also in other sports clothing, lightweight outfits have a higher priority.

When soaked, lightweight clothing dries rapidly. Moreover, we need a soft outfit that can be easily layered to preserve our body heat. For the inner layer, stay away from cotton and bring a windproof jacket.

What to wear for rock climbing for ladies?

Stretchable pants

It came as no surprise that stretchable pants are one of the most climbing outfits for women. They provide excellent comfort and mobility while being fashionable. 

What to wear for rock climbing for ladies?
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Clothing made of sturdy materials such as jeans is recommended for outdoor climbing. Make sure your bottom wear covers your hips, since trying to pull your pants up while climbing can be a real pain. 

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Leggings are by far the most popular top wear when it comes to what to wear for rock climbing. They allow a harness to fit comfortably due to their flexibility and fittings form. Thanks to the higher elastic waistband, you’re less likely to expose your butt to other climbers.

Leggings are readily available in a wide range of styles, prints, and colors. Leggings for the gym or yoga pants are also good options, however transparent leggings can place you in awkward situations. 

T-shirt or sports bras

For top wear, there are a few more choices. What to wear for indoor rock climbing for ladies includes soft short sleeve shirts, sports bras, and crop tops.  They’re stretchy, allowing for more arm movement while still looking stylish and sporty. 

What to wear for rock climbing for ladies?

Oversized shirts are a fantastic fit for outdoor climbing, with quick-drying material and the ability to layer a jacket to insulate body heat.

Windproof jacket

A windproof jacket is also a must-have gear for outdoor activities. The temperature difference between day and night is significant, so carry a jacket to remain warm. Because the outdoors often brings unpredictable weather, make sure your jacket is water-resistant and can be zipped up from the bottom.

Suggesting rock climbing attire for guys

Tank top

Tank tops allow guys to move freely when climbing and do not limit their bodies. Consequently, they are ideal top wear for any excursion for men. In chilly and humid conditions, they also serve as a wonderful base layer, keeping you warm and dry


In the scorching summer months, shorts appear to go nicely with men’s climbing clothes. Because of their flexibility and comfort, shorts can be used for both indoor and outdoor climbing. Khaki shorts and cargo shorts are appropriate, whereas gym shorts, basketball shorts, and running shorts should be avoided at all costs. Above-the-knee shorts are good since they prevent you from embarrassing moments.

Suggesting rock climbing attire for guys


Investing in a nice pair of joggers won’t waste your money. You can wear joggers for a casual look and a sports event. They provide the necessary protection and stretch for climbing.

After all, what to wear for rock climbing is determined by your personal preferences. 

Final thought

There are tons of climbing clothes out there, but whether to choose ones that suit you is a daunting task. We hope that this article will vent your frustration with suggesting what to wear for rock climbing items for men and women. There’s no need to be concerned because all of the items listed can be worn for both indoor and outdoor climbing. Prepare to participate in this fascinating sport.

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