Summer is almost around the corner and people are all eager to hang out to have fun with a barbeque in the backyard or a picnic in the park with friends. To make your picnic time more enjoyable, we will provide 21 simple yet chic ideas about what to wear to a picnic in this post that may be mixed and matched in all these delightful activities.

Comfort is key in this list of picnic outfit ideas. Especially when eating, drinking, and joining outside activities, we notice that one typically can’t enjoy any of the events when he or she is not comfortable wearing and feeling. So, here, we make sure that you will feel good and still appear chic if you pick any of the looks we suggest. Keep reading to check out!

Shirts For Picnic Outfit Ideas

Hawaiian Shirts

Hawaiian shirts are a must-have item for every season! The shirts come in various designs and patterns that will go well with any picnic dressing outfit!  So once you ask yourself what to wear to a picnic, it is time-saving to pick an aloha shirt from your wardrobe.

The best Hawaiian shirts for all are often made of breathable fabric that can make you comfy while wearing them. Keep them fashionable and casual by matching them with your favorite pair of shorts such as a pair of denim jean shorts!


T-shirts are something that we can find in anyone’s wardrobe. Not because they are so simple that you should ignore them when going on a picnic. 

Wearing a t-shirt with any type of bottoms is the easiest idea if you wonder what to wear to the park. Choose a fun t-shirt to rock this summer.

Off-the-shoulder Shirt

Wearing an off-shoulder shirt is a great way to dress up any outfit since it highlights your lovely neckline. It is one of the ideal summer picnic clothes. Pick one made of cotton tissue if you typically want something breezy so you don’t sweat in it. Whether you pair it with shorts or a skirt, you always look with it.

Bohemian Top

A fashionable approach to dress up for a picnic day is to wear bohemian shirts. It offers a retro vibe with vintage patterns, neutrals and warm shades merged with 70s style. To complete the style, wear it with a pair of short pants and sandals.

Shoulder-pad T-shirt

Shoulder-pad t-shirts are a great alternative to a regular T-shirt. This shirt was really simple to put together to create the best picnic attire. Mixing a colored shoulder-pad t-shirt with a white bottom is a great way to make you stand out.

Linen Shirt

A linen shirt is perfect for a holiday vacation. Instead of tucking the shirt, you can make a front tie to create a beautiful holiday vibe. This shirt can be ideal for a barbeque side pool party or a picnic in the park. Mix it with a pair of short jeans and espadrilles to complete your look.

Crop Top

Crop top is chic. No matter what sort of crop top you wear, from a soft tee to a checkered shirt or cropped pieces, they are perfect for easy picnic dressing. You can combine it with jeans or a maxi dress, everything is amazing anyhow


Tank tops are basic clothes so we sometimes forget that they may become the highlight of our wardrobe. When the weather heats up, we will probably more often approach these types of bicep-baring. Its versatile and casual look can definitely offer you more choices of picnic outfit ideas.


Shorts and a basic t-shirt are the ideal picnic combo, mixing it with a cardigan for a better layer-up look if you want. It is versatile and easy to wear over any picnic outfit ideas.

Pants for picnic outfit ideas

Waist tie Short 

Keep it comfy and casual with a pair of sporty Waist tie Shorts

Do you look for casual and comfy picnic attire?  Waist tie shorts are a great way to go. They can keep you comfortable in any outdoor activity. You can also combine them with absolutely any kind of top.

Comfortable Jeans

Change your regular jeans to a more chic look while pairing them with some typical picnic shirts. This is how you can dress up in simple picnic attire.

Jean Shorts 

Which picnic clothes are the easiest to wear and mix? It’s definitely a pair of jean shorts. If a pair of long-leg jeans can make it difficult for you to enjoy the outdoor activities, choose a pair of jean shorts. We suggest you pick denim shorts because they are easy to match with many kinds of tops.

Linen Pants

You want to wear long pants for a picnic but are afraid of getting hot and uncomfortable? If that’s the case for you, let’s look for the ones that are made from linen. A pair of long skinny jeans can make you less happy on a picnic full of games, but a pair of linen pants will make your day more fun. Pick the proper tops that match the color of your pants then you can create the best picnic casual attire.

Baggy Overalls

Overalls have always been a playful and trendy outfit idea from their primetime days in the 1990s to their slow but steady comeback in recent years. 

Overalls are a basic yet trendy pick for every event, even a backyard picnic. If you wonder what to wear to a picnic, you can opt for short-length baggy overalls in the hot summer and a long one on cooler days.

Dresses for picnic outfit ideas

Tennis Skirt

How about wearing a tennis skirt mixed with crop tops or off-shoulder shirts? These combos will add some spice to your picnic outfit ideas. 

Maxi Skirt

A maxi skirt is an ideal outfit for a picnic regardless of where it is. It offers comfort for sitting in without worrying about flashing people. When it’s hot outside, a maxi skirt is better than skinny jeans since it is cooler.

Maxi dress

Are you about to go for a picnic on the beach? If you want to stand out, let’s choose a maxi dress. They are so versatile and feminine. You can mix it with various accessories to get a sleek look.

T-shirt Dress

The t-shirt dress is a versatile and comfortable piece if you wonder what to wear to the park. It is one of the wonderful picnic dresses to keep on hand. The t-shirt dress looks best when it hits 1 or 2 inch above the knee. 

Sleeveless Dress

A sleeveless dress will help you look effortlessly chic. Finish the ensemble off with an adorable bandana and white sneakers and you’ll be the trendiest girl at the picnic.

Shoes for picnic outfit ideas


This is a great choice for a picnic if you need to join various activities. They are easy to mix and comfortable to wear. 


Wearing a stunning pair of sandals in the summer picnics is a great way to show off your feet!

Our Conclusion

Could you pick the best picnic outfit ideas for this season? Though a picnic is just a casual activity, carefully choosing a great outfit for it shows how much you love yourself. 

We know there are more options to go, but we do hope that this article will help you somehow to deal with the question: what to wear to a picnic? 

If you have any other ideas, do forget to share them with us below!

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