The more friends we have, the more effort it takes to choose the presents for them when important occasions come. Among all kinds of people, there should always be one who is deeply in love with plants and would do anything to cherish them. Walking past by a cute plant pot, they would not resist the tempting urge to bring it home immediately. Yet, choosing the gifts for plant lovers is not as simple as you think.

For a friend who has more houseplant pictures than his/her own selfies, this gift guide should be an awesome head start for you. It doesn’t always need to be a baby plant, which is considered too much of a stereotype. Brace yourself for a wide variety of options that perfectly caters to plant enthusiasts, ranging from lovely floral jewelry to unique garden tools.

1. Terrarium Candle

Terrarium candles are the perfect gifts for tree lovers when you look for not only a plant-themed but also a sweet-scented product. Categorized into 2 variations, the cactus version seems to draw more interest due to its delicate look and vanilla scent. On the other hand, the pink poppy model can give off the scent of jasmine and tea flavor. 

They are too cute to be burnt, aren’t they? In case you desire to show your brutal instinct by lighting them up, the average duration of burning is approximately over 30 hours.

2. Funny Plant Mister

When you have almost nothing in your mind, sticking to the classic like a plant mister is never a bad choice. There is a consensus of opinion that humidity levels of the indoor atmosphere are usually lower than the natural environment. Watering is an essential part of the plant growing process, but misting yields a whole host of benefits for trees to thrive better. The water droplets spritzed from the mister can help to clean off the dust on tree leaves and help them photosynthesize more efficiently. 

Yet, for some particular plant types, a precise amount of ambient humidity is what people more prefer. Therefore, a plant mister should probably do a good job when it serves among the best gift ideas for plant lovers. Wanna make a stronger impression on your friends? A lot of nifty, silly mister models are available for you to pick up.

3. Cute succulents

In addition to mainstream baby plants, a fresh and beautiful succulent can always ace as a perfect alternative to plant gift ideas. It embodies a cheerful and warm feeling, not to mention the elegant and aesthetic style to which succulents are arranged in the pot. Featured with thick layers of leaves that excel at retaining water to survive, succulents are easy to thrive under any circumstances. For those reasons, succulents surely rank among the best gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, and housewarmings.

4. LED Grow Light Bulb

Growing a plant outdoor is a bit hard, but taking care of one indoor takes a lot more hard work. Not only maintaining the right amount of nutrients and water, but light sources also play an indispensable role for plants to survive. Without the light, your plants are deprived of their natural energy harnessed from photosynthesis.

Therefore, a LED Grow Light Bulb put above or next to your plant will bring the best result all year round. It can cover every stage of growth, becoming an assistant willing to lend a hand with a boost of lighting. Interestingly, the LED technology is well-known for its extremely low heat output that puts almost no detrimental impacts on your plants. This means that the owner doesn’t have to worry about the distance between the plant and LED panels.

5. Resin Necklace

May resin is an unfamiliar term to many people, but you won’t be disappointed. Due to its unique appearance, a resin necklace probably stands out among the cool plant gifts on Earth. 

Eco-friendly resin jewelry and gifts are becoming more and more popular all around the world, also regarded as excellent gifts for people who like plants. It takes a long process to create one, up to a week to finish a piece of resin jewelry. The professional technique includes casting a clear resin onto a floral sample that has been dried before. Then polishing it till it’s ready for sale.

6. Plant Lover T-shirts

What’s better than a T-shirt chosen as gifts for plant lovers to show their true self and be proud of their liking? Nowadays, the print-on-demand industry has gained in popularity, making it easier for everyone to customize a T-shirt that caters to their taste.

In combination with high quality of printing technology and durable materials, print-on-demand T-shirts probably supersedes other traditional ways of supply. No need to be frustrated by limited stocks of graphic ideas, you can always take the shortcut and create your own T-shirt design for your beloved green-thumb friends.

7. Kids Gardening Kit

Please don’t take this as a sarcastic effort to mock your friend’s gardening skills. Instead, a set of Kids Gardening Kit is one of the most amazing gifts to grow. 

As a matter of fact, it is not imperative to own professional and bulky gardening tools in a room or even an apartment. If they have kids, this can also be a good way to teach them how to take up the hobby of caring for a plant.

Normally, a Gardening Kit set should include some seeds of fast-growing plants. Thus, it creates an opportunity for your plant-lover friend to try raising one from scratch instead of buying a fully grown sample. A brand new and interesting experience, isn’t it?

8. Air Plant Pots

Traditional pots are too mainstream and boring, wanna see something out-of-the-ordinary? Check out some air plant pots!

Actually, it is a plant holder but goes with a strong magnet to stick to a metal surface. Of course, only tiny and adorable plants can fit it, because it lowers the risk of a heavy plant pot that can be overwhelming for the magnetic force. This is also a great tropical decor for every home. With these cute plant accessories, now your green-thumb friends can have their plants hung by a refrigerator door, or even their wardrobe.

9. Plant Wire Neon Sign

Neon signs have been appearing all over the place in a variety of symbols and figures. Their awesome pop-up effect, especially in dark ambiance, is awesome and draws a lot of attention, becoming a popular decoration accessory in workspaces and nightlife events.

What can be the best to represent unique plant gifts apart from a plant wire neon sign? It’s cheap, it’s simple to customize, and easy to bring a whole new vibe to your personal space. In case the available shopping categories do not provide a plant neon model, you can always buy the wire sign then bend it to create the right shape on purpose.

10. Smart Garden System

In recent years, it is difficult to ignore the impact of The Fourth Industrial Revolution a.k.a. Industry 4.0 on people’s life. It emphasizes the importance of automation and smart technology with the aim of self-monitoring and communication improvement. Therefore, a Smart Garden System is no doubt one of the best indoor plant gift ideas.

There are a wide range of smart plant pot systems available on the market. The majority of them contain the following features:

– Automatic Plant Grow Stimulating: A LED light system is attached to the plant pot or base, providing support for photosynthesis and sustainable growth. Besides, it is enhanced by an automatic timing system with 16 hours on and 8 hours off, you won’t be bothered by the fear of power overuse.

– Self-watering System: It comes with A small water container to take care of your plants automatically, lasting up to about 2 weeks. The whole system also comes with a visible water level indicator so that you know when to refill the tank again.

– Smart Soil: Don’t be confused with the term because the soil here is not full of electrical circuits or controlled by applications. Instead, it comes with nutrients necessary for plant development, which can last at least 2-3 months.

Hope that this list is useful for you to choose the most appealing gifts for plant lovers. When the time comes, don’t forget to capture the beautiful and delightful moment of your friends receiving these wonderful things.

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