The decoration is an indispensable part of your home that can boost your mood throughout the day. For recent years, the rising popularity of vintage wall decor ideas has captured our attention, making it one of the most trending styles to follow. 

Normally, no one would like to stare at an empty wall and live with that for years. For this reason, wall art plays an essential role in the decoration process. It can give a distinctive vibe and make us fall in love at the first sight. Sometimes it represents minimalism, sometimes it acts as a statement of your own preference and personality.

vintage home decor style
Vintage style is not just the application of yellowish hue but requires many more decoration elements.

If you ever feel confused by a wide variety of decor options available on the market, feast your eyes on these 9 vintage and retro concepts. After that, save aside the best options for your home style (or just bookmark our website for more useful tips).

1. Botanical Wall Art

Tree and plant subjects are always a good choice to start from scratch when referring to vintage wall decorating ideas. The yellow-and-greenish hue tone embodies tranquility, good luck, and health, which can have you immersed in a positive aura. Also, these wall art decors help turn your boring wall into an eye-pleasing display area of a botanical gallery. You can choose a diversity of floral illustrations to feature on the walls, added by a distressed wooden frame to create a more antique look.

vintage botanical wall art

2. Rustic Hanging Heart

Heart shapes give an adorable sense instead of the rough and outdated look that everyone thinks of as a vintage design for home decor. A wide range of rustic hanging hearts are available nowadays, either highlighted with multi-color or monochrome patterns. You can form a group of hanging hearts on the wall to create a more impressive look. Just so you know, this decoration accessory is no doubt a suitable gift for a housewarming party or friendly event.

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3. Vintage Wooden Quotation Sign

Thinking about some creative taste for your bedroom atmosphere? Vintage signs expressing love quotes deserve to rank among the best vintage wall decor ideas. 

People nowadays have shown a surge of interest in vintage signs, because they are not only easy to shop on the Internet but also easy to craft for yourself with the help of a short tutorial and simple tools. In addition to your bedroom, living room is another place to consider. However, remember to pay attention to the quotations written on them. That helps you choose the ideal themes and meaning to fit in the atmosphere. 

vintage hand painted sign

4. Hanging Vintage Plates

For some people, a kitchen plays an imperative role in their house and worth a striking look. They can spend all day filtering out the best options of artwork to hang on kitchen walls until it creates a distinctive appearance that fits their style. That’s when hanging plates come in, posing as outstanding vintage wall decor ideas for the kitchen.

Have you got the right plates but don’t know how to stick them to the walls? Let the adhesive patches do the job. You just need to paste them onto the backside of the plate. After that, use the attached hook to hang on some extended edges. Anyway, it should be left alone overnight so that the adhesion is properly dried and works as we expected.

hanging plate decor

5. Direct Painting on the Wall

Only bold people who aspire to experience some off-the-beaten-path vintage wall decor ideas should follow this. A blank wall is a must for this method to work, not to mention hiring a competent painter and choosing an appropriate retro illustration. 

If you manage to create a painting that extends beyond the wall edges (connected with the ceiling surface, for example), the decoration effect will be more extraordinary than what you can imagine. For more information, this can be an excellent concept of vintage wall decor ideas for bathroom, which helps to prevent common accessories from getting wet and losing quality over time.

hand painted wall mural

6. Hanging Retro Flower Vase

People who are engrossed in retro style decor should never miss this as a brilliant idea for vintage wall hangings. One handy tip to take into consideration: Using a small piece of window shutter as a lowkey background, therefore, your flower vase can pop up and make a stronger impression. Take advantage of contrast color tones such as turquoise background and orange flowers, or a blue-yellow duotone. Those are popular color combinations that do a great job in decoration.

hanging flower vase

7. Vintage Book Wall Art

Along with the aforementioned hanging plates, a book wall art also lives up to our expectations, but more recommended as vintage wall decor ideas for living room instead of kitchen.

A vintage book wall art is, without doubt, an amazing design, yet super easy to recreate. You don’t even have to buy polishing accessories, but make a virtue of the old books instead. Below is a detailed tutorial from Fiddle Leaf Blog that teaches you how to age thrift store books then reuse them to show your originality through painting and decorating.

vintage book wall art

 8. Boho Wall

Except for the idea of buying one from the store, this is really simple to execute. All you need is a doily and a driftwood frame, some needles, and threads. Lastly, be clever with your hands, and well done!

To turn this design into an actual piece of vintage decoration, just simply stitch the doily to the top wooden edge (or a tree branch attached to a hand-made hanger). Then, arrange and tie some flowers with the wires, and voila!

boho wall decoration

9. Copper Vintage Map Plaques

Needless to say, map is among the most ubiquitous decoration items in the world. However, a copper vintage map plaque is not exactly the same at all. Fortunately, you can always create one for yourself just by following this instruction by A Joyful Riot tutorial.

As mentioned in the blog post, the preparation package includes wood plaques, copper spray paint, glue, old vintage maps, and scissors. Of all the steps, spraying paint on the wood plaques would be the most difficult. While doing that, you need to make a consistent flow of paint color all over the edges. After waiting for it to dry, handle the maps with care so that the paper surface is not badly affected by excessive force.

copper plaque map

In case you desire to know more home decor themes and concepts, here is our 4 Fantastic Ideas of Tropical Interior Design.

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