There’s no doubt that we owe our favorite hairdresser a huge deal. They have saved us from the multiple disasters we’ve committed to our poor hair. As grateful as we are, picking gifts for hairdressers may not always be easy.

Most of us don’t have any idea which product a professional hair stylist would like. It’s because we really don’t have much knowledge in the field. More importantly, some stylists only opt for their go-to items and brands.

gifts for hairdressers
Therefore, if you want to make it a surprise, there are plenty of thoughtful yet practical hairstylist gifts ideas for you to take inspiration from. Let’s check them out with us at Hobbies and Crafts.

How To Choose Suitable Gifts For Hairdressers

Deciding on some useful and unique hair stylist gifts may be a little bit tricky. As we have just talked about, hairdressers may not be able to use certain items because of professional preference.
Thus, these are what you should and should not consider to give to the stylist we adore:

Should: A personalized item

Apart from being very individual, customizable gifts for hairdressers can be very useful as well. There are plenty of ways for you to design an item with a personal touch. Whenever your hairstylist uses the gift, they will be reminded of how much you appreciate their hard work.

Should not: A hair product

Many people would think that a set of quality hair gel or hair care will always be a great gift. But to professionals who work with hair all day, they will know which brand or ingredient suits their hair the best. You surely want your hairstylist to be able to use the gift, so either ask them about the brand they like, or don’t go for this option.
gifts for hairdressers

Should: A nice décor for the salon

No hairdresser would say no to a beautiful decoration for their salon. You can choose a piece that seems fitting to the store’s theme, or something hair-related. These decors will surely make the workplace for the hairstylist prettier, and give them more motivation to keep doing their best.

Should not: Any hair related tools

Similar to hair products, tools are strictly chosen by a hair stylist according to their preference and knowledge.

For example, you won’t be able to tell which scissors on Amazon is the best one, or which type of scissors a professional would need. People say that scissors are like body parts of the hairdresser, so it’s very important for them to use the right one.

This choice of gift would only be stressful for you, especially if you don’t have much experience with these special tools before. Therefore, try to avoid this option also.
gifts for hairdressers

Should: Any relaxing treatment

After a long working day, any person would enjoy a comforting time at home. With a wide variety of de-stress products to choose from, you’ll certainly find a great gift without any effort.

Gifts Ideas For Hairdressers: 10 Unique And Thoughtful Ways To Say Thanks

1. A personalized hairdresser T-shirt

Want your hair stylist to always be cheerful? How about choosing some funny hairstylist shirts at Hyperfavor for them to wear at work? Some shirts can be customized with your stylist’s name as well. With inspiring designs and colorful images, their mood will be great all day long.

gifts for hairdressers

2. A customized mug

Very simple yet meaningful gifts for hairstylists. They can use this cute mug for coffee to energize before a new working day, or have some tea when they’re taking a break.

3. A hairdresser apron

An apron that can help the hairdresser stay clean while holding all the tools for them would be a wonderful gift. What’s better, you can design your own apron for a personal touch to the present. They’ll surely appreciate it!
gifts for hairdressers

4. An inspiring book

Knowledge is endless, and your hairstylist may want to look deeper into what their career can offer. Find an informative book about hairstyling that can help them get inspired to try new things, thus developing their skills even further.
However, books that will give them a relaxing time also works wonderfully. Ask your stylist which genre they prefer, and get them one you think they’ll also enjoy.

5. A house plant set

These plants will be a great addition to the hairdresser’s salon or home. Who doesn’t love the fresh and colorful sight of nature in a store they visit?
gifts for hairdressers

6. Some hairstylist themed prints

Another great decoration piece for the lovely salon. These will motivate the hairdresser, but also put a smile on any customer’s face.

7. A tool organizer

Dealing with your hair certainly requires a lot of different tools. In order to keep the working space neat and tidy, there’s nothing more important to hairdressers than having a handy tool holder. It will store all the scissors, brushes and pins for easy use and prevent losing any important item.
gifts for hairdressers

8. A home spa set

What better way to show your appreciation to your hair stylist’s hard work than providing them with a relaxing time? A home spa set is certainly the most heartfelt way to say thanks! You can choose between scented candles, essential oils or bath bombs to give them the best time
gifts for hairdressers

9. A tool bag

Just like a tool organizer, a compact tool bag will be of great use to a hairdresser. Having a good tool bag means they can conveniently carry their scissors and combs without messing everything up.

10. A sprayer

You know a hair stylist can’t ever have enough sprayer around! These make unique gifts for hairstylists as well.

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