We all might have been asked this question at least once in our life: “What do you love about yourself?”. There are people who can answer it right away: their intelligence, humor or some sort of special talent. But there are also people like you and me who never seem to realize our own unique traits. If this applies to you, this guide to finding things to like about yourself will make you think differently.

Reasons To Love Yourself

Why should you be yourself?

Each of us is a special individual who thinks and acts like no one else. And things you can like about yourself are also unique.
You know you’re not perfect – nobody is, not even the most good-looking, talented person out there. Everyone has a part of themselves that they don’t like, or make bad choices at times.
Instead of dwelling on those mistakes and hating yourself because you didn’t make the right decision, why not enjoy the ‘now’? Why not be thankful that you’re born one-of-a-kind and not a duplicate of someone else? Why not focus on your good points instead of things you don’t like about yourself?
There are always people who are better than you. Some have nice appearances, others have incredible minds and abilities. You might think “I want to be like them.” But think about it, why would you want to be like someone else? Comparing yourself with others only adds unnecessary stress to your life.

Why should you love yourself?

Saying “You HAVE to love yourself” might be a cliché, but it’s not completely wrong, either. By liking oneself, people can see life in a different, more positive perspective.
things to like about yourself
Loving yourself let you focus on the present and not something far fetched and impossible. When you stop comparing and be content with who you are, you become more confident. You’ll achieve more because you have trust in your own ability instead of doubting it. Even if you fail, you’d still have the strength to move on and start anew.
There are less things to mull over and dwell on. You’d find it surprisingly simple to let go of things that’s already happened – why look back when you can make it better? Life is easier because you’re easier on yourself.

“The past is the past. The only way to make a better life is from inside the present. To focus on regret does nothing but turn that very present into another thing you will wish you did differently.” Matt Haig, Notes On A Nervous Planet

You’ll stop looking for validation or seeking approval from others. What’s yours is yours to decide – the way you look, the career path you take and the decision you make. You’re the one who is responsible for your own actions, and not anyone else.
things to like about yourself
You’re happier when you love yourself, because you feel content with where you currently are. You let yourself be loved, and you’re able to give love to others.

Finding Things To Like About Yourself

Realizing the good in ourselves can be a lengthy process, yet it’s worth it in every way. You might not be able to change the way you think overnight, but you’ll notice the big changes you’ve made after a while.
Self-love is all about focusing on your present self. Well, this is very much easier said than done, because humans all tend to wish for what they can’t have. However, with a bit of practice, you’ll be able to move on and see a part of yourself that you can be proud of.

Think differently

If you truly want to love yourself, the first thing you have to adjust is your mindset. When the way you perceive the world around you and inside you change for the better, so do you. If you believe that people accept you for who you are, then you’ll also be confident in your own self. Instead of criticizing your mistakes, pay more attention to all the good things you’ve done.

Stop comparing and be grateful

It’s not wrong to look up to successful, pretty people to change yourself for the better, but there should be a limit. Rather than being inferior about what you can’t have, be grateful for what you’re given. There might be people who are probably jealous of the life you’re living, or the person you are now.

Do what makes you happy

Follow your heart and pursue what you enjoy. Just the fact that you’re trying your best and the thing you’re doing matters to you is already enough. Focus on what you’re passionate about and nail that! When you love the thing you do, you also find things to like about yourself.

Be more proud of your achievements

Not all achievements must be something measurable. It can be a memorable experience or just a nice thing you’ve done for others. Remind yourself how amazing and kind you are, and what a good job you have done. Note what you have accomplished down in a journal, and look back on them to find motivation.

What Are The Things To Like About Yourself?

If you aren’t too confident with your look, your talent or your skills, it’s totally okay. There are plenty of other things you can like about yourself. 

Start with what you might already know – sometimes, other people might understand you more than you do yourself. What do they usually compliment you on?

Is it your kind nature and good heart? Is it your wittiness, your ability to solve any problems or your logical thinking? Is it the way that you can send optimism and happiness through your smile? 

Things you like about yourself don’t necessarily be something extravagant or over the top. If you have even a tiny part of your personality that you feel confident in, you already have a thing to like about yourself.

How Do You Know If You Love Yourself

You start taking care of your body more and putting your health first in line. You stop comparing yourself with others and instead, do things you love and are confident about your accomplishments.

You stay away from negativity and surround yourself with people who truly care about you. You don’t seek validation from others nor feel vulnerable to judgment anymore.

You’re grateful for what you have, and passionate in what you pursue. You’re easy on yourself, and focus on what you’re doing now rather than dwelling on the past.

You find things to like about yourself, and take pride in being your true, unique self.

That’s when you know, you’re truly loving yourself.

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