There’s no doubt that personality plays an important role in a person’s life. It decides how they act and think, as well as their preferences and likings. For people who identify themselves as introverts, it’s best to have fun and keep yourself occupied when you don’t want to meet up with other people. We hope this list of hobbies for introverts can help you find past time activities that are both interesting and calming.
But first, let’s look into which traits an introvert might have, and how that would affect their choices of hobbies.

How Do You Know If You’re An Introvert?

Common misunderstandings

Stereotypically, many would think that an introvert hates to meet with others. They are believed to be reserved, bad with interpersonal interactions and have an aloof personality. Well, these are only a few of misconceptions being made about introverts. They are also the reasons why introverts are very easily misunderstood in social situations.

Signs of an introvert

In reality, it’s hard to say if someone is a ‘true’ extrovert or introvert. You may be an introvert but still portray traits of an extrovert and vice versa. There are a few general signs to tell that a person is an introvert, though these might differ from one introvert to another:
  • They feel at ease being alone: Introverts don’t necessarily hate social events and meetups – they just prefer the time they spent on their own more.
hobbies for introverts
  • They prefer texting to talking: Introverts often feel that written words will help them express themselves better than speech. These people usually prefer not having to overthink about what to say on the spot.
  • They work the best by themselves: Teamwork may seem troublesome to introverts, and not because they are bad team players. Working with others is totally fine with them. However, they simply think that they’re the most productive when they don’t have to rely on anyone.
  • Being in a crowd drains their energy quickly: Introverts can enjoy parties and crowded celebrations, but their energy will drain out faster than extroverts. Naturally, they need their alone time to gain back that energy.
  • They don’t have too many friends, but are very close with them: An introvert’s social circle might be smaller, but they feel comfortable with it. The friends they choose to hang out with are those who understand them and don’t force them to change. Thus, they have great relationships with these friends.
hobbies for introverts
  • And finally, introverts are more self-conscious: Since they spend quite a lot of time on their own, introverts will understand more about themselves than others. They can easily identify what they do and do not feel comfortable with.

To make it simple, you can find tests and quizzes online to tell if you’re an introvert or not. A Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (or MBTI) test is the most common option.

Hobbies For Introverts: 10 Ways To Keep Yourself Entertained

Based on the preference of introverts, they will enjoy activities that can be done alone, and those that let them regain their energy. They can be creative and productive while maintaining their comfort zone and achieve the feeling of fulfillment.
Thus, these are some of the best hobbies for introverts to enjoy:

1. Cooking and baking

If you enjoy making good food and trying new recipes, then being in the kitchen suits you the best. Cooking or baking is an easy way to relieve stress, and who could resist the wonderful smell of a freshly baked batch of cookies?
On the other hand, if you’re not a great cook but wish to try this new hobby, then not to worry! There are tons of simple recipes for you to experiment with. All you need is a bit of practice, and the product will surely be worth the effort.

2. Writing and blogging

A great way for an introvert to express your feelings is to write it out. If you want to share your opinion with others, you can always do it through a blog. Being able to document your thoughts through words and pictures, and being able to look back at them even years later is certainly a wonderful idea.

3. Bullet journaling

Keep your tasks and schedule organized with a bullet journal. If you already enjoy writing, you’d definitely find bullet journaling delightful. Not only can you customize its content and visual to your liking, it will help you keep track of your life.

4. Walking

A good walk around a quiet, scenic area will surely bring back all the energy you’ve lost after having to meet other people. This will help clear your mind, let you focus on the beauty of nature and freely daydream however you want.
hobbies for introverts
If you’re looking for more of a physical challenge, why not try hiking as well? If you’re looking for sports for introverts, this is surely it.

5. Painting

You’re an introvert who wants to express your creative side but isn’t good at writing? Then painting is a perfect choice for you. Use the colors and shapes to show the world what you’re feeling. If you’re worried that you’re not creative enough, there are plenty of art tutorials to follow.

6. Gaming

Let’s be honest, gaming is one of the best entertainments for people who prefer staying indoors. You can definitely find at least one mobile/console game you enjoy, since there are so many genres for selection.

7. Traveling

Solo traveling is the current trend: you don’t have to wait for anyone or follow any set schedules. The choices are yours to make! Exploring new corners of your country or even of the world to broaden your knowledge. This is one of the best introvert activities out there!
hobbies for introverts

8. Photographing

You don’t need a digital camera to pursue this hobby – even the camera on your phone will work amazing. Taking photos is a rewarding hobby that will let you relive daily moments and preserve memories. Combine this hobby with traveling to document all the amazing places you’ve been through.

9. Crafting and DIYs

You can easily find these hobbies extremely enjoyable. Not only do they keep you entertained, but you are also making something you or your family can use. There are so many types of craft and DIY projects for you to choose, such as knitting, crocheting, sewing or home renovations.
hobbies for introverts

10. Solving puzzles

Finally, one of the most stimulating hobbies for introverts is solving puzzles. They will keep you focused and thrilled. The satisfaction of successfully solving a hard question can’t ever be compared. Some examples of classic puzzles are jigsaws, Sudoku and crosswords.

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