Bullet journaling has undoubtedly become one of the biggest crazes recently. Whether you’re using it to record your daily tasks or mark your progress for the year, there are endless possibilities depending on your creativity. Even if you’re not artsy, these creative journal ideas will help you keep track of important schedules both efficiently and beautifully.
creative journal ideas
A lot of people are hesitant about starting a bullet journal, or bujo for short. Seeing all these amazing pictures of other people’s journals can be both inspiring and discouraging. But my advice is that there’s nothing to fear. You don’t have to force yourself to make yours as pretty as others – it’s you who can decide to customize it however you want.
When it comes to journaling, you should always put function over form. What your journal looks like is not as important as how happy and of use you feel about it. So let’s check out ways to create a unique writing journal with Hobbies And Crafts.

Creative Journal Ideas: Supplies For Beginners

If you’re just beginning the adventure with your bujo, you might want to check this list for supplies people usually use. These are completely optional, but they will make wonderful additions to your journaling experience:

Fineliner pens

These will completely change the way you write compared to a regular ball point pen. Fineliners are pens with fine fiber tips, which will create a unique, smooth feel. The small tips also help create a wide range of line thickness. They come in many colors for creative journaling, but you can always go for traditional black/blue ink.

Brush pens

Often, you’ll see these amazing calligraphy lettering with thick strokes, and you might wonder how to achieve that for your bullet journal. The secret is a brush pen and a bit of practice.
Like the name suggests, brush pens are equipped with a brush-like tip. This allows you to make the stroke light or thick depending on how hard you press the pen. Compared to traditional brushes, these save you the hassle of dipping them in ink and making a mess, while preserving the beautiful strokes.

Recommend: Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen, Pentel Fude Brush Pen


If you aren’t the most confident in your artistic skill, then a stencil is the way to do it. Having stencils feels like you’re cheating at bullet journaling – since they make it so easy. But there’s no need to feel guilty. You now have the ability to draw perfectly uniform icons, banners and boxes without a sweat.
There are many types of stencils such as text boxes, simple banners or letters for you to choose from. You can also decide between plastic or metal stencils depending on your preference.

Washi tapes and note papers

Finally, these items will help you add more life and colors to your bujo pages without any effort. Washi tapes are very versatile: they can be used as decorations, covering up writing mistakes, or secure any small memory keepsakes like tickets and receipts.
creative journal ideas
At the same time, note papers will help you section the pages. Don’t think that they only come in plain colors – there are so many cute designs. You can stick them on as simple decorations as well.

Creative Journal Ideas: Things To Write In A Journal

Habit tracker

A habit tracker is a great way to be more aware of both your healthy and unhealthy habits. Thus, you can use this information to better your life quality. You can set up a tracker for weekly workout routines, sleep patterns or simply how much water you’re drinking daily.
creative journal ideas

Mood tracker

This is incredibly helpful to people who are struggling with mental illness. Keeping track of your feelings on a daily basis lets you see the frequency of unhappiness you had, encouraging you to improve the situation. You can use the data to identify emotional triggers, as well as how to avoid unwanted situations that make you uncomfortable.


One of the most simple yet creative things to write in a journal is creating a checklist. It can either be about new projects, your groceries list or TV shows you’re planning to watch. With a checklist, you can easily control the speed of completion and avoid procrastinating. It’ll also help you avoid forgetting any important tasks.

Goal tracker

Another creative journal idea to keep track of your life. Having a set list of goals is amazing, but knowing how close you are to completing them is also important. You’ll be more aware of what you need to do in order to reach your target on time. In addition, when you look back to all your recorded achievements, you’ll feel so much more motivated.

Inspirational quotes and happy reminders

Sometimes, you just need these little things to get you inspired and be more positive. Add anything that makes you happy and energized to your bujo. It can be a line from your favorite song, a picture of your recent trip, or fun, colorful drawings.
creative journal ideas


Have a few things in mind that you’re saving for? Why not note them down and work on them one at a time.
A wishlist of what you want to buy in the future reminds you not to spend money randomly. In addition, it lets you see what you really need. More than often, I find myself being able to cross out things I only wanted to buy for fun, and this helps me save a lot of money.

Creative Journal Ideas: Journal Decoration Tips

A monthly calendar is both useful and works great as a page filler.
There are so many ways to make use of washi tapes – how about turning them into page tabs?
A combination of colors and charts will make your notes more comprehensive.
Beautify your pages with a selection of stickers.
Make use of your stencils to create impressive patterns and more innovative journaling.
creative journal ideas
Keep the best memories of your latest adventures by adding tickets and photos.
creative journal ideas
Finally, dry pressing flowers is a fun project that will give you a great decorating piece for your bullet journal.
creative journal ideas

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